Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bradlely at the wave pool. The wave pool was soooo much fun!! This was one of my really do feel like you are in the ocean. Bradley really liked it. Justin and Kim and the the kids and Darlene went also, and we all had such a fun time. Bradley and Caleb really had a good time at the wave pool together. The favorite for Brian and I was the big tube ride (can't remember the name) but 4 people got in a tube, and then you went on this amazingly fast wild ride with a huge drop off, and then you went around and around...oh my was so much fun!! That one was the best!!

Here are a few of the dolls before they were stuffed and before the faces!! The cousins are going to love these dolls!

Personal Progress dolls!!!

Alyson has been working so hard on her Personal Progress. For one of her projects, she made 8 dolls to give to all her girl cousins. They were alot of work, but they turned out soooo cute!! She did a great job. She is really having fun with Personal Progress.

Spring Break at Wilderness at the Smokies

The hot tub was incredible!! This was one of my favorite spots...the hot tub is about 8 times as big as what you see here, Brian and I decided we want one in our backyard someday....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Temple and Birthday = lots of fun!

Last Saturday Bryce, Alyson, Brian and I went to the temple. For one of her Personal Progress projects Alyson prepared names to take, and she and Bryce did the baptisms for 28 family members. It was so neat!!! She has added alot of Caten names to the Family Search, and she has more names to do in 2 weeks. Very exciting!! We had such a great day at the temple.
Bradley turned 7 last week. He had a treasure hunt birthday....Alyson helped the kids figure out the map and find their treasures! We love our cousins!