Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping with Grandma!!

The 3 oldest kids get to go shopping with Grandma. They were so excited!!

10 days old!!

We miss grandma already!!! She left yesterday :(
Isn't she a cutie ;) Bryce loves to hold her sister!
Bath time!! She loves her baths!
Alyson loves holding her as well!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bryce is done with his eagle!!!

& We are so proud of him! He has worked so hard, and has been so so so organized! We sent this picture in to the newspaper today, so it will be in on there sometime this week...hopefully! :) We are so proud of him!

Baby room stuff

baby stroller..It is such a cute print! I'm so excited to use it!

Baby carrier!
Cute print and animal Kara bought, and doll alyson made for Personal Progress.

Crib..Isn't the print on the set cute?

Overall baby room :)

Last day being pregnant..ever!

Everytime I turn around Mitchell is balancing on the formula..It's hilarious and had to get a pic!
In the baby room!

Cute little Mitchell :)

Kara and I :)

Alyson and Rosanne. We just cleaned house and got ready for baby all day, so we look kinda rough!
We are so ready and excited to get this baby out :)

caten baby #6

Baby is due...TOMORROW! :) This is mom gave me her password so I can post stuff so ya'll can see the new baby :) I will post pictures of the baby, and of the dinner that I am the "guest of honor for" tomorrow as well :) Hope everyone has a great day! and check up on here tomorrow! :)

*p.s. blonde hair----> Sydney Kelsi
brown hair---->Kelsi Lyn

Best Friends!

Going Hunting

Bryce trying out the big gun!
Mitchell has the best gun of all ;)

Brad is big!

All of them ;)

So..Brian wanted to take the boys off hunting on our snow day. He pulled out most of his guns out of the safe, and they were ready! Mitchell had his play gun. They were ready to catch squirrel's, bears, and lions! haha I thought it was so cute so had to get some pictures!