Monday, September 29, 2008

Only 5 years left at home!!!

Bryce's 14th birthday was last week. He had a bonfire and several friends over. Ok, I am suddenly feeling lots of pressure. Reality is hitting me that I have 5 more years left to teach him everything he needs to know in life before he goes on his mission, that's it, just 5 years!! Yikes!! Anyway, Kara and I made his cake (a camping scene complete with tent, sleeping bags, and bonfire) and it turned out so cute!! Kara was the mastermind behind it, she really decorated it cute! Bryce came straight from football practice to his party, which explains his grubby appearance!!

Bradley's FHE was a hit!

Bradley was in charge of FHE last Sunday. He did it all on his own, and it was soooo cute!!! He first told us a story about Samuel the Lamanite, then he showed us different books, and then he hid them and we had to go find them. But the part that was so cute was that he had spent about 2 hours before FHE looking through all his books to find pictures in the books that matched his different animals. Then we had to find the book and the animal that matched. We all laughed and laughed and had a great time!!! The FHE's that the kids do are definitely the best!! He then made us a really yummy dessert!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brian bought himself a swimsuit the other day, and Bryce happened to see the price tag, and he said, "You know Dad, I've noticed you seem to pay twice as much for the things you really do need, and Mom always seems to pay half as much for lots of things she doesn't need." Wow, he got that one right!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alyson has had so much fun keeping in touch with everyone, she has convinced me to start a blog. My main purpose is actually to help me with my journal writing, since I haven't been very good at that this year! And I definitely don't want to forget the good times we have had this year.....!!!!!
Thanks to Brian's spontaneous personality (most of our family vacations are very spontaneous!) we took a fun trip to Universal Studios the week before school started. Mom was actually relaxed on this vacation and had a great time!! (the awesome pool at the Royal Pacific Resort was my favorite!) It was fun to leave everything behind and just be us!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Blogger

It's official!! I have made a blog for my family!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!