Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok, I absolutely LOVE to watch Alyson play basketball. Wow, it is SOOO exciting!!! Last night they played Van Buren, and Alyson played so AWESOME!! She was so great out there on defense, and getting all the rebounds, and scoring. Our girls played so tough, we lost, but only by a few points. Go ALYSON!!!
Kara entered the Autumn Street Fair karaoke contest. She sang "When there was me and you" from High School Musical. She did so good, and then was picked for the call backs!! There was one other girl about 13, and then everyone else was adult age. Anyway, she sang "Independence Day" by Martina McBride, and placed third out of everyone!! I was so proud of her!! Watch out American Idol, her comes Kara!!

Alyson was really close to Grandpa Caten, and I know his death was really hard for her. But burying him at this beautiful spot at The Cove has been a special element for all of us. This is the view from his grave site.

Most of you know about the passing of Brian's Dad on Oct. 19. It has been an emotion of ups and downs since that time. We so appreciate everyones cards and phone calls and prayers. He is buried on Joey's farm out at The Cove, and that has turned out to be something very special for us. Brian and his brothers went out and worked so hard clearing the brush and cutting down trees, and then the kids and I and some of the brothers and cousins went and laid sod, and picked up sticks, and worked really hard to prepare it so he could be buried there. It looked completely different when we were done. I feel that was a spiritual and healing experience for us. What a blessing Grandpa Caten has been in our lives, and the special things he has done for us will continue on. We all miss him so much, but know that Heavenly Father has a special plan for Grandpa.

I was sad I never took a picture up close of him in his pads, but they always wore their jerseys to school on game day. That was fun to see the team at school all in their jerseys.

Football time in Tennessee

Bryce had such a fun season this year playing football for the middle school. He had several really exciting plays, and a few VERY exciting touchdowns. I was really nervous about him playing, especially after several broken arms and injured legs and colarbones by boys on the team, but it ended up being a great season with no medical bills for us!! Go WCMS!!!